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Foundations and preparatory courses


The international institute offers preparing courses in subjects that are requested by the universities for passing the entrance examination. The key target is teaching foreign students in Russian languages.

In order to prepare the student for pass examination in Russian language, there was found an International Institute to study the program of Russian language and grammar. This is entrusted to distinguished specialists with vast experience in teaching Russian. Good knowledge of Russian, in its turn, provides our students with opportunity to get a degree in higher educational institutes of the Russian Federation.
Computerized modeling classes available in the institute allow providing education on the most modern level. Currently, the university teaches students from such countries as: Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, India, China, Vietnam, Korea, Namibia, Thailand, Malaysia, and European countries.
Most of the applicants are enrolled at Institutes of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Tula, Voronezh, etc.
The Institute aims at preparing foreign nationals that apply for Russian citizenship or a job in Russian company. Examinations in Russian as a foreign language as well can be taken in the Institute. It is clear that new coming young people may force problems, language barrier, the absence of close people, and the incomplete tradition knowledge in Russia. The Institute will encompass each student with care and attention.

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The International Star Group of David has been registered with the purchase of various small and large companies and converted them into specialized departments to provide complete services to dear fellow Iranians. With the help of specialists in the opposition, we have been able to take a long step forward in providing legal, commercial, sporting and other services in the shortest possible time, with little certainty and cost. Dawood star is a multinational group that has active offices in the entire world and is central to Russia.
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