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Moscow State University


Moscow State University (Moskovskij Gosudarstvennyj Universitet or MGU in short) is the oldest educational institution of Russia. It was founded on 12th of January 1755 on Saint Tatyana’s Day at the decree of empress Elizaveta Petrovna on the initiative of the great Russian scientist Mikhail Vassilievich Lomonosov after which it is named. The day its foundation (Jan 12) is celebrated as the Student’s Day in Russia.

The year 2005 is marked with the festivities and more than 900 special events dedicated to the 250 anniversary of MGU. A new university library, a new faculty of medicine and a modern university clinic mark this special event.

Moscow University has a long-standing tradition of academic excellence. At this oldest and most famous Russian university scientific and educational schools of international reputation have been formed. Among its graduates and professors there are Nobel Prize winners and world known scientists. Moscow State University includes a number of scientific research institutes specialized in the most significant areas of modern science such as Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, Astronomy, Lasers, Molecular Biology, Bioorganic Chemistry, Anthropology, Materials Sciences, Ecology, Humanitarian Sciences, and others.

The total number of students enrolled (including post-graduates and part-time students) is 40 000. The staff includes more than 8 500 professors, associates professors and research associates. Currently the number of foreign students and postgraduates is 5000 from 80 countries.
Moscow State University has agreements with the leading international organizations (e.g., UNESCO, The World Bank), is a member of many international associations, and signed over 300 agreements with universities of all continents. The Lomonosov University is the centre of cooperation between the universities on the territory of the former USSR.

Many outstanding scholars, public and state leaders of the world have been elected Honorary Professors and Doctors of the University. Among them are J. Goethe, the beloved German thinker and novelist, the first prime-minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru, Margaret Thatcher, and last but not least, Bill Clinton.

Many current and past political leaders, such as M. Gorbatchev are alumni of Moscow State University and underling the ambitions of the university to provide the best tuition to the best people. This is why we recommend you to learn russian in Moscow State univerity.


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